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SOLD! Get off the grid and onto an ATV with 39.65 Acres in Lovelock, Nevada priced to sell quickly


Foxhole Acres has acquired 39.65 Acres on the southwest end of Lovelock, Nevada.

From Wikipedia: Lovelock is the county seat of Pershing County, Nevada, United States, in which it is the only incorporated city. Formerly a stop for settlers on their way to California and later a train depot, the town’s economy remains based on farming, mining and increasingly on tourism. END Wikipedia

Our notes on the region:
If you’ve seen all the videos of people four-wheeling out in the desert and dreamed of owning your own piece of dirt to do the same, Pershing County could be your spot. You can ride around as fast and loud as you like with no one to bother for miles.

An hour away is the Rye Patch State Recreation Area. There is a large reservoir here with camping, fishing, picnicking, and perhaps a bit of hiking. There is also a saloon, gas station, and pizzeria at the travel center in the same location. This would make a great stop on the way North to Burning Man each year.

If you’re a history buff, there is a ton to learn and study here from old mining settlements to local museums. Legend has it Lovelock cave even used to contain the mummified remains of gigantic Natives with Red Hair.…

A few parcels over is the remains of Humboldt Intermediate Airfield which was a ‘sod’ triangular landing strip further back than the 1940s. The patch can still be seen today. (see photos). Also nearby is the Humboldt Wildlife Management Area.

Maybe you just want a spot where you can get away from it all and not see another person for miles. At 35 minutes from the nearest town with amenities, no one is going to come knocking on your door. Even zombies would likely rather not roam this far from town. Great place to survive the apocalypse, and with the nearest road a few acres away, you’ll never look out your window to see someone turning around in your driveway again.

All in all though, the Buena Vista Valley is a gorgeous area with views of beautiful snow-capped mountains and plenty of wildlife roaming the area. You might even decide to bring a bit of your own and open a horse ranch. With AMR zoning, the possibilities for use of the land are wide open and nearly unlimited. See more information in the link to the PDF below.

For more information please check out ‘What to do in Pershing County Nevada’ on TripAdvisor.

Furthermore, we encourage you to do a google image search for Buena Vista Valley.

Additional Details:

35 min from Lovelock, NV, the nearest city with amenities
2 hours from Reno, NV
2.5 hours from Lake Tahoe, CA
3 hours from the Annual Burning Man Festival
4 hours to Sacramento, CA
7 hours to Las Vegas
7 hours to Red Rock Canyon
4 hours to Sierra Nevada Mountains
Just a few minutes from the old abandoned Humboldt Intermediate Airfield

Coordinates of corners:
40.0826505279258,-118.122324914892 40.0827114193459,-118.127072087152 40.0791392094386,-118.127035992204 40.0791141900864,-118.122283712793

Size: 39.65 Acre
State: Nevada
County: Pershing

Legal Description: Lot 6, Section 35, Township 26 North, Range 34 East, M.D.B.&M. Created from split of 015-080-38.

City: Lovelock

Sales preference: Cash sales only
Conveyance: Deed upon payment in full
Access: Owner responsible for verifying.  Appears to be via ATV.
Elevation: ~4094 ft 1247.851 meters
Zoning: AMR
Zoning Description: Hunting, Fourwheeling, Camping, Residential, Commercial with Permit, Helicopter Pad, Mining, Almost anything you want…
More information on AMR zoning at…/Planning…/Division_Three.pdf
Land Use: Vacant- Unknown (100)
Power: None
Water: None, Must install holding tank or obtain water rights to dig well (speak with the department of water resources)
Sewer: None, will need to install septic tank
Road: Nearby Dirt
Property tax: Property tax: $54.19/yr paid annually
Association Dues: None
Time Limit to Build: None
Terrain: Flat dirt and brush

Additional Details: Foxhole Acres purchased these parcels solely with the intention of reselling it. We have not physically been on the properties nor inspected them. Photos were taken by an individual locally contracted for this purpose. Streetview and aerial images are from Google Earth and Google Maps. Buyer is responsible for verifying the condition of property, boundary, and use restrictions with Pershing County Assessor, Planning, and Building Division

Accepted Methods of Payment:
Cashier Check/Money Order
Escrow Service

Contact Travis at
300 Opelika Rd #681
Auburn, AL, 36831
(512) 643-3684

Reference PER 1806 487

Images from:
Mt. Moses
Rye Patch Recreation Area (reservoir)
Buena Vista Valley

Disclaimer: Foxhole Acres does not own the non-google-earth images included in this posting. They are general photos of the region for information use only and are not of the individual parcel itself.

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